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Validation capabilities

Validation of gas systems.

Our Engineers execute validation of UHP and HP gas equipment in house as well as UHP and HP piping on location using an inert gas or with the original medium within safety limitations. A detailed validation plan will be provided with our customer/projectleader to meet the expectations. A test protocol is available as a guideline for setting up the job description.

We provide the following tests and measurements on location, using calibrated instruments made by renowned manufacturers:

Visual inspection: Control of applied components, craftmanship
Pressure drop test: Cleanroom -1 tot 300 barg.
Helium leaktest: Minimal detection 1×10-10 mBar.l/sec
Helium sniff test: Minimal detection 1×10-6 mBar.l/sec
Moisture measurement: Minimal detection 1 ppb
Oxygen measurement: Minimal detection 1 ppb
Particle measurement: Particles from 5 µm to 0,1 µm

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