Eurint BV, founded in 1984, is a Dutch manufacturing and trading company with a track record of more than 30 years in supplying laboratory equipment to scientific, educational, medical and pharmaceutical organisations and industry.

In 2010 Eurint BV became the representative and authorized stocking distributor, serving EU countries for GasFlo Products Inc, an US manufacturer of products for use with," Ultra High Purity Gases (UHP), to be used in the Semiconductor, Solar Cell, Medical and Pharmaceutical industry. 

Eurint BV provides a wide range of cylinder connections, valves, fittings and custom assemblies, from components to end-to-end gas systems with a specific product knowledge in the use of UHP Gases as well as providing service and maintenance training.

As an international intermediary between manufacturers and users of UHP gases, Eurint BV focuses on efficient and reliable solutions for its customers.


Eurint BV

Bijsterhuizen 2154
6604 LG Wijchen
The Netherlands