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Technical Training.

With our variety of learning opportunities, your technicians and support staff will keep your gas systems running smoothly. Course offerings include Basic Systems, Advanced Systems, and Tool Specific Training.

Basic training – Suitable for entry-level technicians (gas and/or tool) or those who need to brush up on fundamental knowledge on gas and gascomponents.

  • Basic gasses
  • Basic gas handeling
  • Basic gas systems
  • Basic gas cilinders
  • Basic gas cilinders changes

Advanced training Suitable for advanced technicians who have completed the Basic training.

  • Advanced gas handeling
  • Advanced gas systems
  • Advanced gas components the typical things to know.
  • Diagnostics and repair on gas system.

Specific Training Suitable for ERT people and first line responders on gas issue's

  • Tool gas system training
    • Components change out
    • Purging
    • Maintenance
  • First line response by gas issue's
  • Emergency response by gas systems

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