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Eurint BV offers the following additional services:

  • Installation and regular maintenance on gas systems
  • Measurement and Validation services

Regular and Good service and maintenance of gas systems
One of the main concerns is the reliability of constant quality of the UHP and HP gas in a fab. This depends on quality of the incoming facilities and the infrastructure. It's essential that the equipment and piping has no impact (degradation) on the incoming HP and UHP gas.

To ensure the quality of the Bulk and Specialty gas supply systems, regular preventive check ups and maintenance are essential!

Eurint BV offers the regular high level preventive and corrective maintenance, like leak tightness and function of all components in the installation, such as regulators, transducers, valves and other components.

The maintenance is done by our technicians/engineers which all have 10+ years site gas service experience on a semiconductors plantb(total gas management), with the back up from qualified safety experts in the office, with in-depth knowledge on the applicable rules and regulations.

Regular maintenance and check ups, will improve the up-time and the quality of the installation, as well as the personal safety for the users.

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